World is Work

From December 4th (2010) until January 22nd (2011) at Martin Kwade’s project-room Kwadrat (Adalberstr.20, Berlin) the exhibition World is Work has brought together work of two Spanish artists Santiago Sierra and Octavi Comeron and the German-born Ignacio Uriarte plus the Spanish artists team PSJM formed by Pablo San José and Cynthia Viera. Curated by the art historian José María Durán, the exhibition departs from a discussion with the classical Greek conception of ‘poiesis’ (doing) which is used to unveil the intrinsic bond existing between artistic activity and the world of labour. The works on exhibition represent different approaches to labour: from Sierra’s absurd task to PSJM’s presentation of the artist as brand, through Comeron’s tribute to the blue-collar and Uriarte’s recovery of the aesthetic side of routine labour. These approaches serve to rethink artistic creation in terms of work.


World Is Work_catalogue (download)


Photos show [by PSJM]





Photos opening [by Garra Berlin]



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